[ALCON 2020 v1.0 CPR]

Alcon 2020 is a game for the Amstrad / Schneider CPC464, CPC664, CPC6128, Amstrad 464 Plus, 6128 Plus and GX4000 devices. It runs in all models since it requires only 64k of RAM. The PlayCity extension is not required but recommended to hear the full 6 in-game audio channels. A 2-button gamepad or joystick (best) is also a nice addition to enjoy the full arcade experience.


Download the CPR file. Copy it to your C4CPC (GX/Plus only) or M4 board. You may open it from a compatible emulator.

If you own a X-MEM you can download the installer. Copy it into a 3" floppy disc or use a HxC/Gotek. Then RUN"INSTALL" to flash the board.

To be able to hear the 6 audio channels in-game you need a PlayCity board plugged into your computer expansion port or, in case you are using an emulator, one capable of emulating the PlayCity. You can also enjoy the 3 channel only experience by selecting either music or sound effects in the service menu.


Movement = Joystick or cursor keys
Action 1 = Joystick Fire 1 or [CONTROL] key
Action 2 = Joystick Fire 2 or [SHIFT] key
Action 3 = Joystick Fire 3, [TAB] key or [P] key (Pause on GX4000)


Press Action 1 or Action 2 while in the intro scene -or just wait for the intro to finish- to go to the main screen. You can't skip the legal notice or the logos.

Once in the main screen you can press Action 1 or Action 2 to start the game, or Action 3 to go to the service menu.


In the service menu you can set some parameters like the number of lives, credits, difficulty level or sound mode. Also you can test the music and sound effects.

In service menu, you can move Up and Down to select a parameter and Left or Right to change its value. Press Action 1 to start playing the selected soundtrack theme under the SOUND TEST option and Action 2 to stop playing.

Select EXIT! and press Action 1 to leave the service menu.


Action 1 = Fire weapon.
Action 2 = Activate highlighted weapon.
Action 3 = Keep pressed to abort game and return to main screen.


The physical edition will be released in a custom cartridge that includes PlayCity compatible audio circuitry to play both music and sound effects in-game. Also the custom cartridge allows to save the configuration and hi-scores permanently.


Program: Abalore
Graphics: TotO
Music: Targhan